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Farrier Industry Report

A newsletter of the Farrier Industry Association - December 2017

A Message from FIA President Dan Bradley...

Another year is about to go under our belts. 2017 was a very successful year for many of our members and yet some have had to deal with hurricanes, floods and fires. For all those affected to these disasters know that the FIA will always be with you to help in any way we can.

Exciting news about the AFA Convention in Reno, we are sold out. Jean is trying to get a few more spots and contacting potential vendors. If this is any indication of the coming New Year, I would say that our industry is looking pretty darn healthy.

So as we come up to the Holidays season, may I wish all a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year .

Thank you all,

Dan Bradley

MarketPlace Report
Emily Bull, Chair

Yes! I am happy to report that MarketPlace has SOLD OUT for the FIA MarketPlace at the AFA Convention in Reno!  Just 4 years ago in Reno, 73 booths were sold.  We set the floor plan for 103 booths in hopes to increase booths over 2014. We sold those 103 booths and were able to add 5 more, which have now also sold out.

We encourage all members to get involved by sponsoring an event in the MarketPlace.  You don't have to be an exhibitor or even attend to help. We have several opportunities:

  • Membership Meeting & Cocktail Reception on Wednesday
  • Exhibitor Breakfast on Thursday
  • Opening Reception on Thursday
  • Snack Station Set Up on Friday

Any donation of $250 - $1000+ will help.  Contact Jean Weiss at 601-924-3495 or jweiss@farrierindustry.org to donate.

Don't forget! If you are not exhibiting, but are attending MarketPlace events, each member receives one free badge. You can pre-order your badge so it will be ready when you arrive.  Click here to download a badge registration form.

The overall Convention Program is now online.  Click here to download.

SCAM ALERT:  Don't be fooled!!  There are scam companies calling members declaring they are working for AFA and/or FIA and can get discounted hotel rates in Reno.  These are not authorized companies and could very well steal your credit card information. ONLY book your room through the authorized room block.  Click here to reserve your room.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Reno in 2018!! 

Grants Program
Audrie Salsbury, Chair     


New Year, New Clinics!  If you are hosting a clinic in 2018, the FIA would like to help!  The FIA offers 6 grants per year to members (3 in Spring, 3 in Fall).  

Members who have clinics or events any time from January - June may now apply for a grant.  Download an application form for more information and guidelines.

Click here for grant application.

Thank you to everyone who has renewed for 2018. Your support is greatly appreciated! If you haven't had a chance to renew yet, click here to download a membership form, 
or renew online.

2018 MarketPlace Event Sponsors!

Castle Plastics, Inc.

Dechra Veterinary Products/The Makers of Osphos®

Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center

Diamond Farrier Company

FPD, Inc.

G.E. Forge & Tool

Hanton Horseshoes

I. C. International 2008 SRL

Kahn Forge, Inc.

Montana Farrier Supply

The Shoein' Shop

Thoro'Bred Inc.

Vettec, Inc.

VFT Denmark by Berger's Smedie


If you would like to sponsor a MarketPlace Event,
contact Jean Weiss at 601-924-3495 or jweiss@farrierindustry.org to donate.

FIA Welcomes our 2018 MarketPlace Exhibitors!

3B Farrier Supply / Double Bar One   *  ADM Animal Nutrition  *  AIM Equine Products  * American Farrier's Association  *  American Farriers Journal  *  Anatomy of the Equine  *  Anvil Brand  *  Backroads Data  *  Badger Built, LLC  *  Baggett Hoof Knives  *  Bassoli Fratelli  *  Blacksmith SNC  *  Canoga Farrier Supply  *  Castle Plastics, Inc.  *  China Horseshoes, Tongli Forge Co. Ltd  *  Cody James Tools  *  D. L. Schwartz Co.  *  Dechra Veterinary Products  *  Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center  *  Diamond Farrier Company  *  Double 'S' Horseshoes  *  Equine Digit Support System, Inc.  *  Equine Equipment  *  Farrier Industry Association  *  Farrier Product Distribution, Inc.  *  Flatland Forge  *  G.E. Forge & Tool  *  Glue-U Adhesives B.V.  *  Glushu USA Inc.  *  Grand Circuit Products, LLC  *  Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd.  *  Hanton Horseshoes  *  Hawthorne Products, Inc.  *  Hoof Solutions  *  Horse Science  *  I. C. International 2008 SRL  *  Indian Creek Forge, LLC  *  Kahn Forge, Inc.  *  KB Horseshoes, Inc.  *  Keystone Leather Distributor, LLC / R.A.T.E. Co.  *  Life Data Labs  *  Livingston Tech  *  M2 Ingredients dba Equine Matrix  *  Markel Insurance Co.  *  Marti Forge  *  Master Equine Technologies  *  Montana Farrier Supply  *  Multitool-USA  *  Myron McLane Aprons  *  Nature Farms Farrier Supply  *  Nordic Forge, Inc.  *  Pieh Tool Co., Inc.  *  Revitavet Therapy  *  Rusty Brown Enterprises  *  Save Edge┬«  *  Spurr's Big Fix  *  Stockhoff's Horseshoes and Supplies  *  Stonewell Bodies & Machine, Inc.  *  Texas Farrier Supply  *  The Farriers App  *  The Shoein' Shop  *  Thoro'Bred Inc.  *  Tosaky Forge  *  Valley Farrier Supply  *  Vettec, Inc.  *  VFT Denmark by Berger's Smedie  *  VICTORY  *  Visby Products  *  Visit Tulsa  *  Vulcan Horseshoes Inc.  *  Walker Farrier Supply, LLC  *  Well-Shod  *  Werkman Horseshoes  *  World Championship Blacksmiths

Business to Business

Tax Tips For Wrapping Up 2017
by Karen Stern

One of the best ways you can maximize your tax refund is to be proactive about tax planning before the end of the year. That means now is the perfect time for you to tie up loose ends and take the necessary steps to make the most of your 2017 tax return.

Here are a few tips to make the rest of 2017 count for your business’s bottom line:

* Defer income. Income is taxed in the year it is received, so by deferring billings until late December, you could ensure you won’t receive payment until 2018.

* Increase expenses. Any items your business will require in the immediate future should be purchased this year to maximize deductions. Plan out what you’ll need for the first quarter and see whether those goods or services can be purchased now.

* Earn last-minute tax deductions. Making a charitable contribution around the holiday season is a great way to give back, and it’s also a great way to earn a deduction. Just make sure you have a receipt, regardless of the amount. Certain contributions also qualify for Missouri tax credits.

* Engage in loss harvesting. Selling investments to realize losses allows you to then offset any taxable gains you have realized during the year.

* Contribute to retirement accounts. Increase your 401(k) contributions so you are investing the maximum amount allowed ($18,000 for 2017, $24,000 if you are age 50 or older).

No matter your year-end tax strategy, just make sure you have a plan in place to ensure a smooth 2018 tax season. If you have any questions about your tax plan, check in with your tax adviser.

SOURCE:  St. Louis Small Business Monthly

Karen Stern, CPA, (kstern@bswllc.com), partner in charge, Brown Smith Wallace Entrepreneurial Services Group, provides tax and accounting services for companies ranging from start-ups to $20 million in revenue.

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