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A newsletter of the Farrier Industry Association - March 2018

A Message from FIA President Dan Bradley...

Hello Everyone:

Well FIA has started a wonderful New Year.  The AFA Convention in Reno was a huge MarketPlace success.  We had some challenges with snow during the week which made it a little rough on some of our exhibitors and attendees making it back home. May all have arrived safely.

The Annual AFA/FIA Leadership Dinner was held during the AFA Convention. Everyone that attended was very excited about the cooperation between the organizations.  There was a lot of conversation and idea-sharing on how to make the next few years better for both groups with an eye looking forward to the 50th Anniversary of the AFA Convention in 2021 and making it the greatest in our history.

Your FIA is moving forward to making communication and information more available to our members.  We started this with an FIA Business Conference survey handed out at the convention and is also in the newsletter.  I encourage each member company to fill out this survey in order that the Board of Directors can get guidance from the members on what you wish to be part of the FIA. Rob Michel has put a lot of thought and work into getting this survey to you.  Take advantage of this survey and let us know your thoughts.

I have to give a big thank you to Jean Weiss and Emily Bull for the hard work they always do on making the Marketplace do as well as it does.  Thank you as well to all those MarketPlace committee members, exhibitors, sponsors, raffle donors, and members who made the MarketPlace a success. 

Take a moment and check out the FIA web page, write down the names of your Board of Directors and the way to contact each one. We all are anxious to hear from the members if there are any suggestions or questions. As the old cliche says, as your President, I always have an open-door policy.  Contact me anytime.

May we all have a safe and prosperous year.  Thank you to all the FIA members!


Dan Bradley

Business Conference
Rob Michel, Chair

FIA Members:
We need your opinion!

In the past, the FIA Business Conference has taken several different formats including having a speaker during the AFA Convention as part of the FIA Membership Meeting; off-convention at a different location and time of year; destination event such as a cruise; or no business conference – just a cocktail social reception during the FIA Membership meeting during the Convention.  We need your input on the future of the Business Conference to gauge interest on the type that would be most beneficial to our members.

Please click on the link below and fill out the Business Conference Survey and return to the FIA Office by April 15th. If you filled out a survey during the MarketPlace Reception, there is no need to fill one out again.

FIA Business Conference Survey 2018 - FINAL.pdf

MarketPlace Report
Emily Bull, Chair

The AFA Convention was a big success with robust attendance, phenomenal exhibitors, great educational programs, top-notch competition, and some challenging snowy weather! 

What a great 47th Annual AFA Convention and FIA MarketPlace we just had in Reno, Nevada! The new competition format of 20 stations was a huge success, the speaker line-up grew large crowds, and MarketPlace was once again on point. MarketPlace was great with 113 booths sold to 78 exhibitors and 175 exhibitor/member badges printed. As I write this report, I can't begin to express gratitude to all of those who helped and participated. The FIA could not have such as successful event without all of our exhibitors, sponsors, and raffle donors. We thank you and appreciate all your continued support! Click here to see all of our FIA sponsors and raffle donors on the FIA website.  We have also posted a number of photos on the FIA Facebook page. We hope that you enjoy these, and feel free to tag photos and share with others. If you have photos to share, please send them to us and we will post them on our Facebook page as well.

There is no rest for the weary... the Convention Committee is already working hard on the 48th Convention!! Next year’s AFA Convention & FIA MarketPlace will be in TULSA, OKLAHOMA, March 4 - 8, 2019! Being back in the Midwest will put us in a geographically central location which will be convenient for exhibitors and farriers alike. We hope you will save the date and join us as an exhibitor or FIA Member. If you are an FIA Member, we encourage you to utilize your membership benefit of priority member registration when the registration packets are available in August. These will be emailed/mailed, and posted on our website.

Thank you to all of the Sponsors, Exhibitors and Members for your support in Reno. It is because of you all that our MarketPlace and the AFA Convention continues to be a huge success!

Grants Program
Audrie Salsbury, Chair     

We are happy to announce that our three spring grants have been awarded this year.  Visby Products, Oleo Acres, and Monetta Farrier Specialties all received grants of $150 each to assist with their spring clinics.

The FIA offers 6 grants per year to members (3 in Spring, 3 in Fall). We still have 3 fall grants available!  If you are hosting a clinic between July 1 and December 31, 2018, the FIA would like to help!    

Click here for grant application.

Visby Products 2018 Clinic

Thank you to everyone who has renewed for 2018. Your support is greatly appreciated! If you haven't had a chance to renew yet, click here to download a membership form, 
or renew online.

Treasurer's Report
Susan Thomas

Last year, 2017 we had a total revenue of $107,296.00. Of this amount, $23,425.00 was from Membership dues and the rest being from sponsorship and booth fees from the MarketPlace. Our total expenses were $93,189.00 for a net income of $14,107.00 for 2017. Our balance as of 12/31/17 was $178,066.56 according to the reconciliation statement from that month.

Going forward to the Tulsa, OK Convention & MarketPlace it looks like we’ll have the added expense of carpeting the MarketPlace. This is something to think about this year, going forward to the fall.

Business to Business

What is the Key that Unlocks the Sale?
by Jeffrey Gitomer

Is there a one-word answer to make more sales happen? Yes!










The key to selling is not probing, listening, presenting, talking, assessing, pain, objections, closing and especially not manipulating. 

The key that unlocks sales is harmonizing.

But you’d never know that from most salespeople’s actions.

Selling is about understanding prospects and customers and their needs. Their fears. Their desires. And their urgency to buy. Prospects and customers have different motives to buy, and it’s the salesperson’s job to uncover them – and harmonize with them.

RULE OF SALES: No two sales or sales presentations are alike.

They must be adapted to uncover the motives and objectives, understand the opportunities and barriers, meet the needs and desires, harmonize with the person and the personality, and satisfy or fit within the financial parameters of the buyer.

All my sales life I’ve been exposed to – no, no – frustrated by “systems of selling.” And all my sales life I’ve fought them as being hokey, outdated, bogus, nonrealistic, manipulative processes that salespeople learn but never really feel comfortable using.

Not that systems are “totally wrong” – more that they don’t always “fit” the situation. And that the salesperson focuses on the execution of the system to make the sale rather than focusing on and harmonizing with the prospect to make the sale.

No one system will work all the time – but specific elements of any system may be applicable. I’m not saying don’t learn systems – all sales knowledge is valuable. I am saying be yourself in the sale, not the system.

RULE OF SALES: Prospects don’t always want to buy the way you have been taught to sell.

Here are some “more” clues:

• The more you believe in your company, your product and yourself, the more you will sell. 
• The more value you provide to others, the more people will come to know you, respect you and buy from you. 
• The more you follow up and follow through, the more sales you will make.  
• The more you study sales, the more you will know how to react to any sales situation. 
• The more you harmonize with customers’ situations and offer answers they can apply – answers they perceive as valuable, the more sales you will make.

Keep this in mind at all times. You are a salesperson, and the prospect or customer is expecting you to ask for the sale. Don’t disappoint. But don’t fail to win the sale by earning it.

As a sales master, your job is to take the characteristics and needs of the prospect and blend them with your skills and understanding to determine the reasons the prospect is buying. The motive.

This will motivate and inspire the prospect to act. Note that the root word of “motivate” is “motive.”

Harmony is understanding, not manipulating. It’s sensing the tone of the situation and the comfort level of the prospect – and giving the prospect enough confidence to buy. Harmony converts salesperson selling to prospect buying.

Even though I don’t believe in or subscribe to a “system of selling,”  I am still searching for “the best way” to make the sale. And what I have discovered along the way are elements, mostly personal (nonmanipulative), that when mastered will create an atmosphere where people (your customers and prospects) will be compelled to buy.

Here are three of them in an acronym that ties the introduction to the point – AHA! The three elements to master are Attitude, Humor and Action. These elements, when mastered, are the surest (and shortest) sales formula to long-term success. And they have nothing to do with systems, manipulation or sales pressure. These words, elements and characteristics create harmony.

Every salesperson I have ever come in contact with wants to build better customer relationships – and the best way to do that is to never manipulate. Manipulation makes people defensive, reluctant and distrustful.

Harmonize, baby.

Mastering these elements will make prospects like you, trust you, believe you, have confidence in you – and then buy from you.

SOURCE:  St. Louis Small Business Monthly

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of 12 best-selling books including “The Sales Bible,” “The Little Red Book of Selling” and “The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude.” His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at www.GitomerLearningAcademy.com. For information about training and seminars, visit www.Gitomer.com or www.GitomerCertifiedAdvisors.com or email Jeffrey personally at salesman@gitomer.com.

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