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The Farrier Industry Association was founded in 1986 with a mission to provide companies operating in the hoof care industry with programs and services which will strengthen and grow their businesses. The FIA is a corridor for communication within the industry.

We are manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and service providers who sell farrier-related products. We are competitors…and we are friends. We believe that promoting a strong and healthy farrier industry is good business for each of our businesses and a benefit to the farriers, horse owners, and horses who use our products and services.

If your business is to provide farriers with the most advanced tools, products, gear, and services they need to do their work, we welcome you to the FIA. 


HISA Racetrack Safety Program Rules Effective          July 1, 2022

Press Release:   FTC Approves HISA Racetrack Safety Program Rules  and National Accreditation Standards

Racetrack Safety Program


(a) Except for full rims 2 mm or less from the ground surface of the Horseshoe, traction devices are prohibited on forelimb and hindlimb Horseshoes during racing and training on dirt or synthetic racing tracks.

(b) Traction devices are prohibited on forelimb and hindlimb Horseshoes during training and racing on the turf.

(c) Traction devices include but are not limited to rims, toe grabs, bends, jar calks and stickers.

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