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Farrier Industry Association
2201 Regency Road, Suite 704
Lexington, KY 40503

Staff Contacts
Executive Director:
Martha Jones

Member Services Manager: Margie Brangers


2024 Board of Directors

President: Mark Hickcox
Vice President: Eric Nygaard
Secretary: Audrie Salsbury
Treasurer: John Harshbarger
Past President: Chuck Milne
Member: Erin Baayen
Member: Bobby Salsbury
Member:  Rob Michel Member:  Torri Broadus

Hello FIA Members,

The other day I was reading the tortoise and hare story to my little granddaughter.  Boy did it ever hit home.  My days are filled with running around like the hare, not accomplishing much, when I really need to be more like the tortoise, who takes things slow and steady.  Slow and steady really isn't my style, but I did get a good laugh picturing myself going through my days like the tortoise!  I hope each of you are enjoying your summer and taking each day as it comes!

MarketPlace booths are still available if you are considering being an exhibitor.  We have sold 88 booths as of May 31, 2024.  If you have not reserved your booth in Chattanooga, set aside some time and get that taken care of.  We want you to have the best possible booth for your company!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time via email or call/text me at (502) 779-1522 if you need my assistance.


FIA PROGRESS – President’s View

June 2024

“Chattanooga Choo Choo” by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra (1941)

We’re heading to Chattanooga, TN in 5 short months! Baseball season will be over, as well as Election Day 2024, and the next school year will be closing in on Thanksgiving break. Choo! Choo! this train is coming down the tracks! The big band/swing song from 1941 about riding a train from New York City “back in the day”, called “Chattanooga Choo Choo”, has a great piece of trivia attached to it. It was the first song to receive a gold record, presented in 1942, for sales of 1.2 million copies. If you get this earworm stuck in your head (thanks Mark, you’re welcome), just let it remind you of all the fun you’ll have at 2024 AFA Convention/FIA MarketPlace.

Speaking of fun (in FIA terms anyway), FIA Farrier Family Feud will be back on the big stage and better than ever! If you missed this AFA program item last year, it was a great way to break-up the lectures and demos on Tuesday with some FIA game show fun. Teams of farriers competed in farrier and non-farrier trivia questions on stage but only team captain Jennifer DePollo Horn had the winning team, taking home casino chips, bragging rights, and new bling worthy of champions.

Also, if you haven’t received reminder cards (or if you’ve already run out) for 2024 AFA Convention, please contact the FIA office and we will get some in the mail to you. These cards are a slick looking hand-out and/or enhancement to every front counter and bulletin board in the country!

  • The FIA Board of Directors met on May 15 to discuss all things planning-related for 2024 FIA MarketPlace
  • Approximately 75% of the boothspace is already sold for FIA MarketPlace! If you want a booth in Chattanooga, call today!!
  • The FaceBook group “Farrier Retailers: Swap & Talk” is opening up the group to all FIA members. This is a great way to avoid scams and stay on top of industry issues with your peers!
  • The FIA Hall of Legends was formed to recognize FIA members that deserve recognition. These are truly pillars of our industry and have made some great contributions over the years. In 2023, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Bob Schantz, Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop (owner) and the creator of the Forgemaster line of forges, was recognized. The 2024 inductee has been chosen and will be announced in Chattanooga!
  • Thursday November 14 will be the FIA Lunch – Business Conference and Member Meeting. We’re trying this one in the middle of the day and we hope that you will attend. A membership meeting is better when we have members at the meeting!
  • Please reach out to the FIA office if you have news to get out or Farrier Industry questions that need answering! #FarrierIndustry is a good way to tag us on socials too!
  • One more time! The FIA BOD needs you! Contact the FIA office or a current BOD member to find out how you can be on the board. Committee members, BOD members, and BOD officers are needed to fill open spots each year.

The next FIA BOD meeting is July 17, 2024.

Visit for the FIA current events and latest updates!

Mark Hickcox CF


We are so very, very fortunate for all our members.

Thank you to all of you for supporting us!

Welcome back to our renewed members since our last newsletter.

Hoof House - Lucas Gilleland

Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop - Elizabeth Summers


FIA MarketPlace Exhibitors as of May 31, 2024

Anatomy of the Equine / Anvil Brand / Badger Built, LLC / Flli Bassoli SAS  / Bulldog Tools / California Farrier Supplies / Camp Run Forge / Cronimet Specialty Metals / EasyCare, Inc. / Farrier Products Distribution, Inc. / G.E. Forge & Tool / Glue-U USA / Grand Circuit Products, LLC / Hanton Horseshoes / Hemp for Horses / Hoof House / Iron Range Manufacturing/J Fry Tools / Kahn Forge/Thorobred/Vulcan / Kawell USA / Keystone Leather/R.A.T.E. / Life Data Labs, Inc. / Monetta Farrier Specialties/Georgia Farrier Supply/Kodiak / Mustad USA / Myron McLane Aprons / NC Tool Co., Inc. / Nordic Forge, Inc. / Oleo Acres Farrier Supply, Inc.  / River Bottom Forge / Royal Kerckhaert USA - Save Edge / Rusty Brown Jewelry / Shayne Carter Knives / Stockhoff's Horseshoe and Supplies / Stonewell Bodies & Machine, Inc.  / Tennessee Farrier Supply / Texas Farrier Supply / The Shoein' Shop / The Victory Racing Plate Company / TK Steelworks, LLC / Well-Shod / Werkman USA/Pathfinder Farrier Products / Yukon Forge

Please submit your MarketPlace application so your company can be added to our exhibitor list!

Visit our website at: to apply for booth space online.


A "SPECIAL" Thank you to these FIA MarketPlace Sponsors!


Well, the sneaky snakes have been at it again!  Farriers Depot has been struck by someone reaching out to their vendors claiming to be an account assistant by the name of George Wilson.  Don't fall for their scam!!!  Please do not respond or share any information with them at the email address of:  If you do need to reach out to Farriers Depot, please use the email address of:  


Mom had a small decorative windmill in her yard. A storm broke one of the blades, causing the windmill to shake violently. Dad announced that he would “take care of it” and rebalanced the windmill by snapping off the opposing blade. Watching him, Mom remarked, “I hope I never break a leg.”

Gerald Loffredo, Chandler, Arizona


Our address is:  2201 Regency Road, Suite 704, Lexington, KY  40503.  We have received several pieces of mail recently addressed to an old address.  Please update your records.  Thanks!!

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