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 Farrier Industry Association Newsletter


Farrier Industry Association
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Staff Contacts
Executive Director:
Martha Jones

Member Services Manager: Margie Brangers


2024 Board of Directors

President: Mark Hickcox
Vice President: Eric Nygaard
Secretary: Audrie Salsbury
Treasurer: John Harshbarger
Past President: Chuck Milne
Member: Erin Baayen
Member: Bobby Salsbury
Member:  Rob Michel

MemberTorri Broadus

February is here!

It may be the shortest month of the year, but it is usually the coldest and snowiest month here in Kentucky.  The tulip picture reminds me that it is still winter, but the flowers are coming!!! 

It was good to connect with many of you at the Hoof Summit last week in Cincinnati!  The next time I will see many of you will be in Chattanooga in November.  We have already begun discussions concerning MarketPlace.  We will keep you posted on any changes.  Sponsorships will be available for MarketPlace again this year!   We hope you will consider being a sponsor.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time via email or call/text me at (502) 779-1522 if you need my assistance.


FIA Progress – President’s View

February 2024

Thank you to all of the FIA members that said hi at the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati! Many of our members participate in the IHCS trade show, as well as the FIA MarketPlace and more throughout the year. As I’ve said before, we have so many opportunities to see the professionals in our industry and also be seen. Do you host regional farrier events (open house, contests, clinics, certifications)? Do you prefer the national and international association meetings (FIA MarketPlace, IHCS, NAEP, BFBA Focus)? Do you have a program for the students at horseshoeing schools?

These questions just scratch the surface of the ways that we can participate yearly in this industry. Let the FIA help publicize your event by sending in pictures or tag us in the social media announcements (#farrierindustry) leading up to your date. Also, we have more FIA coffee and donut grants available in 2024! Visit and look for the grant program in the menu to apply. 

Our first FIA BOD meeting in 2024 was January 17th. Here are some highlights:

  • We discussed FIA MarketPlace booth activities and solutions to improve the flow of visitors through the booths. Games, giveaways, demos, and displays were mentioned, but no new changes to the by-laws were suggested.
  • FIA Member Breakfast? Maybe we should just call it the business meeting. Changes to this annual tradition are coming in 2024. This BOD is looking at a different time and place to meet during the AFA Convention. Stay tuned!
  • All indications are that Farrier Family Feud was a hit in Reno and will be a part of the Chattanooga program in 2024. This BOD has new ideas about the “game show” format and other ways to improve this entertaining event this year.
  • Show off that logo! FIA Membership renewal packets are going out now and your new window cling is included.
  • Speaking of the new logo… The FIA BOD also discussed several industry sponsorship opportunities to display that new FIA logo. This will be discussed again next meeting.

The next FIA BOD meeting is March 20, 2024.

Visit for the FIA current events and latest updates!

Mark Hickcox CF




Do you have a nominee for the 2024 Hall of Legends that you feel should be honored for his/her service to the industry and to our Association?  Nominees may be living or deceased. 

Please be sure that your business agrees to this nomination and that only one nominee is submitted per business.  All nominations are due to the FIA office by April 1, 2024.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Martha Jones.

Thank you for your consideration, and for helping us recognize our influential members in this special way!

Click on this link to access the nomination form:

FIA Hall of Legends Nomination Form.pdf


Hall of Legends Online Nomination Form




Dues invoices have been emailed AND invoices have been sent by snail mail.  Renew now to take advantage of the entire year of FIA benefits.  Upon renewal, you will receive a window cling by snail mail.  Want to use the new logo on your website or business cards?  We can send you the logo digitally.  

We are so very, very fortunate for all of          our members. 

Thank you to all of you for supporting us!

Welcome back to our renewed members since our last newsletter.

Amsterdam - Jonas Z. Glick

Animal Health Solutions, Inc. - Russ Paulson

C & M Horse Shoe Sales - Domingo Castillo

Cody Gregory LLC - Cody Gregory

Crossroads Farrier Supply - Anita Leckie

Double Bar One, Inc - Cathy or Russ Wiegers

Empire Farrier Supply - Michelle Nicolaides

Farmer's Feed LLC - Clint Ellis

Farriers Warehouse - Tina Baxley

Farriers' Fix, Inc. - Paul Heller

Flatland Forge USA - Kathleen Poor

G.E. Forge & Tool, Inc. - Josh Garner

Georgia Farrier Supply - Collins Daye

Hanton Horseshoes - Torri Broadus

Hemp For Horses - Renee Vandenberg

Horseshoes Plus, Inc. - Rob Cilley

K + K Veterinary Supply - Kenny Lipsmeyer

Kahn Forge, Inc. - Remco van der Linden

Myron McLane Aprons - Myron McLane

Montana Farrier Supply - Susan Thomas

NC Tool Co., Inc - Renee Aldridge

Nature Farms Farrier Supplies - Nolan & Shelley Walker

Stockhoff's Horseshoes and Supplies - Molly Franco

Valley Farrier Supply - David Helper

Vetericyn Animal Wellness - Destiny Palmerin

Water Mill Products, Inc. - Susan Birdsall

Western Saddler, Inc. - Frank Wipfli

Yoders Blacksmith Supplies - Henry Yoder

If you know of a company that you think might be interested in becoming a member of our Association, please send them this application:  2024 FIA Membership Form.pdf



Sponsorships are still available to support the AFA American Teams!

Sponsorships in 2023 allowed the AFT to practice together nearly every month, compete at two Team Trials contests, participate in the Winter Classic, attend the World Championships at Spruce Meadows (with 2 team members placing in the Top 10, and all 5 Team members placing in the Top 20!), and of course, compete at the International Horseshoeing Championship at Stoneleigh, where both the AFT and the Apprentice Team produced these phenomenal results:  

American Farriers Team

2nd Overall

1st Overall Gas Class

Tom Petersen, CJF: 1st Overall Individual

Daniel Jones, CJF: Best Dressed Foot, Day 2 (Best Dressed Foot in the Plain Stamped Class: Tie)

Tom Petersen, CJF: 1st | Two Specimens

Sawyer Spradling, CJF: 1st Overall Reserve Class

Apprentice Team

3rd Overall

 Shamus Mangan: 1st Overall Individual

 Ty Zehms: 1st | Specimen

At the Grand Finale in Reno, the following individuals were named:

2024 American Farriers Team

Rory Bauer, CJF (Montana)

Daniel Jones, CJF (Alabama)

Tom Petersen, CJF (Montana)

Sawyer Spradling, CJF (Texas)

Lamar Weaver, CJF (Texas)

2024 Apprentice Team

Jose Berumen (Colorado)

Sam Sellers, CF (Alabama)

Jaycie Steger, CF (Texas)

Aaron Warner, CF (Montana)

These two Teams already have new goals and plans, and what we’re particularly excited about is the 2024 AFT’s passion for helping the apprentices. They’ll be starting off the year at a joint practice in Georgia to share knowledge, start the year on the right foot, and be good mentors and stewards of the next ‘generation’.

With all of this said, we’re hoping you will consider being a sponsor of these incredibly dedicated competitors during 2024! You will find the link below to view all the 2024 sponsorship opportunities in more detail. 

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of this opportunity, and particularly, the individuals on these two Teams. They dedicate an enormous amount of time both to their craft and to being good representatives of our industry and country.

Please direct any questions concerning these sponsorship opportunities to Martha Jones.

Here is the link to view all sponsorship opportunities:

AFT Sponsorship 2024.pdf


November 11-15, 2024


A man has a racehorse who never won a race.
Man in disgust says,” Horse, you win today or you pull a milk wagon tomorrow morning.”
The starting gate opens, the horses take-off, they move the gate away and there lays his horse asleep on the track.
He shakes the horse and asks, “WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING”
The horse, half asleep says, “I have to get up at three in the morning.”


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