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About the Farrier Industry Association

Have anvil, will travel.

Those words define a trade that has evolved over time into an industry serving horses and 7.1 million Americans whose lives are intertwined with theirs. The craftsmen who once traveled by buggy wherever horses needed to be shod now show up in customized vehicles with tools that are likely to include a laptop computer, portable anvil and propane torch.

And they are part of a network developed to enhance their profession and related aspects of it.

Founded in 1986, the Farrier Industry Association provides education about the horse industry, promotes sound business through training programs, and organizes trade shows. The FIA is also a corridor for communication within the industry.

We are horse owners, employees, service providers and volunteers. We are manufacturers, suppliers and retailers who sell farrier-related products. And we are friends.

If your business is to provide farriers with the most advanced tools, products, gear, and education that they need to do their work, we welcome you to the FIA.

Farrier Industry Association

2201 Regency Road  | Suite 704

Lexington, KY 40503

T: (859) 233-7411  

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