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Farrier Industry Association
2201 Regency Road, Suite 704
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Staff Contacts
Executive Director:
Martha Jones

Member Services Manager: Margie Brangers


2024 Board of Directors

President: Mark Hickcox
Vice President: Eric Nygaard
Secretary: Audrie Salsbury
Treasurer: John Harshbarger
Past President: Chuck Milne
Member: Erin Baayen
Member: Bobby Salsbury
Member:  Rob Michel Member:  Torri Broadus

We are gearing up to get our garden planted.  The garden plot is tilled and I am trying to be patient and not plant too early!  In the past, I have gotten spring fever and planted too early, then I had the opportunity to do it again!  I guess we learn as we go! 

MarketPlace booth sales are going strong.  We have sold 70 booths as of April 30, 2024.  If you have not reserved your booth in Chattanooga, set aside some time and get that taken care of. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time via email or call/text me at (502) 779-1522 if you need my assistance.


FIA PROGRESS – President’s View

May 2024

Do we, as an industry, eat our own? This refers to animals in the wild that are so territorial or controlling of the next generation that they will literally destroy their same species, when given the chance. Fun thought (I know), but when I see separations between individual farrier groups or organizations it makes me wonder. This isn’t just a question among US farriers or farrier groups, I’ve seen it in other countries and in other industries too.

The typical social media banter about the best shoeing job isn’t even the example that I am thinking about, and that one is likely less about farriers and more about keyboard smack talk from couch potato losers or even bots. Let’s leave that example out and focus on organizations and actual people that are farriers, farrier suppliers, manufacturers, etc. Our industry needs more civility among individuals and organizations that are supposed to be leading our industry. OK, SOAPBOX REMOVED. Dad won’t turn the car around if we don’t behave better, but we could certainly broaden our influence to next generation farriers and horse owners if we do.

 Remember the Golden Rule, treat others as you would want to be treated. It’s a pretty good guide for business people, families, and even the species that might eat one of their own!

  • As of April 26th - FIA 2024 MarketPlace registration is open to everyone! Great spots are still available so register today!
  • Reminder cards for Chattanooga 2024 are being sent to FIA members for distribution and bulletin board use.
  • Are you sponsoring an AFA Certification or Pre-Certification in 2024? Only the cream-of-the-crop farriers attempt basic or advanced AFA certifications. Contact the FIA office to find out how you can help sponsor a upcoming cert!
  • Don’t forget!!! The FIA wants to help you and your event with a Coffee and Donut Grant. Apply in the Grant Program section at
  • The FIA BOD needs you! Contact the FIA office or a current BOD member to find out how you can be on the board. Committee members, BOD members, and BOD officers are needed to fill open spots each year.

The next FIA BOD meeting is May 15, 2024.

Visit for the FIA current events and latest updates!

Mark Hickcox CF


We are so very, very fortunate for all our members.

Thank you to all of you for supporting us!

Welcome back to our renewed members since our last newsletter.

American Farriers Journal - Jeff Cota

Badger Built LLC - Jason & Michaela Bell

Bulldog Tools - Butch Hockaday

Grand Circuit Products LLC - Conrad Trow

Kawell USA - Cathy Halaszi

Royal Kerckhaert USA - Save Edge - Randy Stout

Rusty Brown Jewelry - Erin Baayen

Shayne Carter Knives - Trisha Carter

Tennessee Farrier Supply - Steve Edwards

TK Steelworks LLC - Thomas Morgan

Werkman Hoofcare USA - Mike Crites

Yukon Forge LLC - John McNerney


FIA MarketPlace Booth Assignments will be released on May 31st!

If you plan to reserve a booth in MarketPlace, please get your contract in as soon as possible in order to get the best booth location for your company.

MarketPlace Dates:  November 13 - 15, 2024

We want to fill that convention space this year, so if you have a lead on a prospective MarketPlace exhibitor, share their information with me and I will gladly follow-up.  You can call/text me at (502) 779-1522 or by email.



FIA MarketPlace Exhibitors as of April 30, 2024

Anvil Brand / Flli Bassoli SAS  / Bulldog Tools / California Farrier Supplies / Farrier Products Distribution, Inc. / G.E. Forge & Tool / Glue-U USA / Grand Circuit Products, LLC / Hanton Horseshoes / Hemp for Horses / Kahn Forge/Thorobred/Vulcan / Kawell USA / Keystone Leather/R.A.T.E. / Life Data Labs, Inc. / Monetta Farrier Specialties/Georgia Farrier Supply/Kodiak / Mustad USA / Myron McLane Aprons / NC Tool Co., Inc. / Nordic Forge, Inc. / Oleo Acres Farrier Supply, Inc.  / Royal Kerckhaert USA - Save Edge / Rusty Brown Jewelry / Shayne Carter Knives / Stonewell Bodies & Machine, Inc.  / Tennessee Farrier Supply / Texas Farrier Supply / The Shoein' Shop / The Victory Racing Plate Company / TK Steelworks, LLC / Well-Shod / Werkman USA/Pathfinder Farrier Products / Yukon Forge

Please submit your MarketPlace application so your company can be added to our exhibitor list!

Visit our website at: to apply for booth space online.


A "SPECIAL" Thank you to these FIA MarketPlace Sponsors!


We would love for you to help us promote the AFA Convention to your friends and customers!  We have postcards available that we will send to you in the mail.  Simply send me an email with how many postcards you would like to receive and we will drop them in the mail to you.


At a party, a young wife admonished her husband, “That’s the fourth time you’ve gone back for ice cream and cake. Doesn’t it embarrass you?”

“Why should it?” answered her spouse. “I keep telling them it’s for you.”

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